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Types of Surveys

ALTA Survey
Boundary Survey
Construction Survey
Control Survey
Court Exhibit Survey
Elevation-Floodplain Survey
Hydrographic-Hydrostatic-Underwater Survey
Quantity Survey
Route-Utility Survey
Site Plan Survey
Subdivision Survey
Topographic Survey

Court Exhibit Survey

Analysis of various legal descriptions and survey maps; field locating of record or existing monuments and physical features; and mapping showing this information for the purpose of presenting a visual exhibit to be used in a courtroom. In some areas of the US, this may also me known as a “Torrens” Survey of “Registered” or “Torrens” land. A “Judicial” Survey is a land survey ordered by the court system, at times setting “Judicial Land Marks", also referred to as “JLM’s”. Some also may refer to these as "JM's" which stands for "Judicial Monument", or "Judicial Marker".


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